Korea Polymers Corp.
was established in
1987  at Nam Dong industrial complex, are
equipped with the best facilities(Land:
2, Building:3,400m2, Capacity:20,000
Ton/Year). We are growing quickiy now
with good manpower and
continuous endeaver.






In order to become a world leader and major
contributor of technology in the Emulsion
Polymer industry, we have our own R & D
center where technical development of syn-
thesis and polymerization are still continueousis and polymerization are still
continueously made.







From raw material to packing, we have
adapted the continueous process production
system and have been equipped
with the latestfacilities to promote
the highest quality
and customer satisfaction.








In conformance to the highest quality
requirements, individual customer's demand
and satisfaction, we have adapted the latest
technical support system for quality control
and are devoting to technical service.