Han Young America Inc.

Han Young America Inc., an affiliated of Han Young Corportion in Korea was established in 1996 at California in U.S.A. Han Young America is equipped with the most moddern facilities and supplying the western countries with a wide range of printed fabrics.
Han Young Textile Printing Co.,

Founded in 1964,han young textile Printing is the oldest firm in its business. With 30
long years of experience, the company has
been appraised for a high quality printing
maker, Han Young has implemented in the
Ban Wol industrial complex the continuous
process method for manufacturing with the
latest modern facilities.

Han Young Co. Ltd,.

Han Young Textile Printing Co. Ltd,.was established in 1972 at Ban-Wol industrial complex.
The Company is producting a wide range of printed fabrics, also playing a leading role in textile printing industry.
Green pia tech, Inc.

Green Pia was founded in 1977 with the
technical support of Korea Atomic Energy
Research Institute. This unique company in
Korea makes use of -ray irradiation for disinfection
and disinfestation of various industrial
products. In collaboration with Canada AECL,
the company has built a -ray irradiation
service institution at Yeo ju.